When the sun sets in Puerto Rico, it brings with it an unencumbered view of the Milky Way. But it’s a view a growing number aren’t sticking around to see. As federal aid and independent relief efforts come trickling onto the island, an increasing number of residents who can afford to, or find a way to, continue to leave — reports already have shown a significant number fleeing to Florida.

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When it rains in Puerto Rico, it rains hard and it rains fast. And this week — three weeks after Hurricane Maria — it has rained a lot. For portions of the island – especially in the mountains and in the valleys – that rain brings a continual trauma of mudslides and flooding. Even in San Juan, highway exits pool with a foot or more of water. In restaurants with cell service, the S.O.S alarms on phones ring out in a cacophony – warning of flash floods. But the capital city has fared comparatively well — it's the rural places that are doing much, much worse.

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